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Car Solidarity March (Online Article)

Historical Note

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This online article was published in February of 2021 by antifa λευkoşa.


Car Solidarity March

February 3, 2021

On Monday 01/02, in the morning migrants demonstrated against their imprisonment in awful conditions inside the closed detention camp at Pournara. The same afternoon there was a car demo of solidarity in Lefkosia, against the migration policy and the authoritarianism of the state.

From the 08/02 many of capital’s activities are returning, while parks and squares remain empty, demonstrations remain forbidden, detention camps for migrants remain locked. It seems lik the virus is not contagious in malls, churches and concentration camps, just in parks, natural paths and demonstrations.

Right now in Pournara 1500 people are crammed in a space initially created for temporary stay of 600. Outside the camp-prison, vulnerable groups like old people die or live alone in the nursing homes and their houses, while the infamous measures are supposedly for thir benefit. Also, access to hospitals and care for those with other health issues has been severely lowered, with serious implications for their life.

What does all this say to us? Migrants but also us, the working class in its whole, are expendable in the eyes of capital. “Protecting our health” this last year has become the same as disciplining and controlling us.

For all these reasons, we support with every means the struggle of the migrants in Pournara these last few weeks. For all these reasons, we organise our resistance against the emergency situation, authoritarianism, repression.

We will say it again and again, as many times as necessary. We demand:

  • Immediate release of the imprisoned migrants.
  • Papers for all migrants.
  • Closure of all detention camps.
  • Housing with good conditions and access to health care for all.
  • Lifting of the ban on demonstrations.
  • Immediate measures to support workers and unemployed.
  • Protecting vulnerable groups from the virus instead of authoritarian measures against the entire population.

P.S. Thank you to those that participated in the action with us.

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