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 +<wrap lo>For other unsigned, unknown or not otherwise archived material, [[en:unclassified|press here.]]</wrap>
 +======Queer Street Party (Unsigned) (Leaflet) ======
 +===== Historical Note =====
 + This leaflet was distributed in Nicosia in June of 2015.
 +<WRAP right noprint round download 30%>
 +  * [[ |Scanned PDF from (to be preferred)]]
 +  * {{ wiki:media:leaflets:unclassified:anon_queer_street_party_lowq.pdf
 +|Compressed PDF from our server (mirror)}}
 +  * For archived material of type (PDF, ODF), and for the creation of collections of texts (book creator), use the corresponding choices provided on the right of the page of each article.
 +===== Content=====
 +<WRAP left round todo 50%>
 +  * The content of this leaflet has not been typed.
 +Condition:"Needs Translation":"Needs Turkish Translation" 
 +"Decade:Decade 2010-2019" "Year:2015"
 +Areas:Nicosia:"Nicosia (south)" Areas:Nicosia
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