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Public spaces belong to everybody: Invitation to a Protest Festival


On Saturday 17th October 2009, we organise a protest festival about the attack of the police on youth during a party at Phaneromeni Square. We believe that public spaces belong to all who use them, citizens and migrants, men and women, young and old irrespective of ethnicity, appearance or political beliefs. The attempt of the police to criminalise the presence of the youth in Phaneromeni Square will meet our resistance. We want alive squares where people can socialise freely. Police terrorism in the old town will not pass.

The festival will take place at Phaneromeni Square and will include photo exhibition, grafiti on canvas, street performance, film screenings and music. It will start at 17.00 in the afternoon and will finish at 12.00. There will be no speeches but a few short interventions by young Cypriots and immigrants that were mistreated by the police and statements of support concerning the right of assembly in public spaces by known people of the arts and letters.

Co-Hosted by:

Youth of Phaneromeni

Citizens initiative ALERT

Residents initiative Awake within the Walls

Supported by:

Action for Equality, Support, Antiracism, KISA

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