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The Justice Project (Ιστοσελίδα)

The Justice Project
Περιοχή: Λευκωσία (νότια)
Περίοδος Δράσης: 2015-2021
Πολιτική Τοποθέτηση: Σοσιαλισμός
Αρχειοθετημένη Ιστοσελίδα: Link
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Το The Justice Project ήταν ιστοσελίδα εναλλακτικής ενημέρωσης που δρούσε από το 2015 μέχρι το 2021.

Ταυτότητα Ομάδας

The Justice Project advocates for the rights of those living on the margins of Cypriot society. We are based in Nicosia.

We are all aware we have legal human rights — the right to speak, to move, to survive — and we will evoke these in conversations and courtrooms. But for thousands of people in Cyprus — gay people who are beaten and abused; refugees who are tossed into prison cells; women who are raped or killed by their partners — such rights are nothing more than a distant philosophical concept, a concept that can do nothing to help their plight.

At The Justice Project, we believe that human rights apply to all people freely and equally — but that certain groups are consistently denied their fair share. We therefore campaign for social justice, urgently and fervently.

Above all, we are an all-inclusive, arms-open national movement, which calls for a free society where the oppression of women, LGBTQ people, ethnic minorities, immigrants and refugees is brought to an end. Join the fight for justice.1)

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