That's enough! March on Saturday, 20/02 (Online Article)

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This online article was published on 16/02/21 by the co-ordination group Os Dame (That's enough) on Facebook, on the call for the second march of the group, after the violent repression of the march from the police.


That's enough! March on Saturday, 20/02

We take the streets again and we protest.

The violent repression and police brutality that we were faced with on the 13th of February from the government, they fully justify all the reasons that we took and we take again the streets.

On Saturday we take the streets to call out loud:

ENOUGH with the state authoritarianism and the silencing of the opposite point of view

ENOUGH with the failed management of the pandemic

ENOUGH with the corruption

The 13th of February clearly showed that the last thing that the authorities care about is public health. The attempt of terrorizing us shall not pass.

On Saturday we take the streets and we demand:

  • Funding for public health and education and not for the police and armament programs and gear.
  • End to pandemic management through repression, and guaranteed protection of vulnerable groups
  • Immediate support measures for workers and the unemployed, locals, migrants and asylum seekers affected by the pandemic.
  • Immediate support measures for the support of workers, unemployed, locals, migrants and asylum seakers affected by the pandemic
  • End to the war against culture and amateur sports
  • End to the ban on demonstrations.
  • An end to police violence and the immediate withdrawal of the murderous water cannon (with the imaginative name AIANTAS) from the streets
  • Immediate withdrawal of the charges of the 11 areestees of the 13th of February

We will resist the plunder of social wealth and the environment. We will resist authoritarianism and capitalist barbarism. We will open and pave roads where they do not exist.

The police bats, the pepper sprays, and the water cannon will not stop us. We call on the police to refrain from our mobilization, having proved that it poses a danger to public health. The demonstration will be peaceful and it will be guarded. We are confident that we can protect our demonstration regulate traffic and adhere to health protocols better than the police body can, as proven last week.

The policeman who presses a protester’s neck while he is immobilized on the ground and the direct shot of compressed water by Aiantas to a girl who committed the “crime” of dancing on the sidewalk, is the real face of the Anastasiadis’ government and the “justice” of Giolitis.

We invite organizations, collectives and groups to co-sign and join us. We wear masks, we keep our distance. We emphasize again that our mobilizations have a clear anti-fascist and class framework and therefore nationalist and religious symbols and slogans are not welcome.

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