In Relation to the Racist Statements made by the Government (Untitled)

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This online article was published on 13/11/21 by the co-ordination group Os Dame (That's enough), on facebook.


The ruling government set new limits to its inhumanity and racism in a statement issued Wednesday, targeting even kindergarten children. After the new measures announced, we are now talking about an undeclared war on the part of the government and the Foreign Ministry against refugees and immigrants, whose only “crime” is that they survived wars or that they are looking for a more sustainable life.

We will not deal with misleading statistics, which are refuted by the Ministry of Education itself. The point is the respect for human rights, which clearly does not seem to concern the rulers. There was no response to the illegal repatriation of vessels at sea, and to these was added the request to the European Union - guilty of push-backs - to allow the Republic of Cyprus to suspend the examination of new asylum applications.

It is clear that the rulers prefer to channel hatred into society in order to activate nationalist and conservative reflexes. They do everything possible to keep the impoverished people stacked in concentration camps such as the well-known Pournara and the newly built “Limnes” in Mennogeia. They deliberately paralyze the relevant services, causing further overcrowding and facilitating the economic and social exploitation of these people.

At the same time, we see the government continuing with undiminished intensity to turn the Green Line into a hard border, seeking the installation of other barbed wire, implementing a new surveillance system in the context of intensified cooperation with the State of Israel, but also installing a fenced gate at Ledra / Lokmaci. The state apparatus has made its goal clear: it is concerned exclusively with the nationalist audience, the uncertain course towards division but also the concealment of all the economic crimes that the gang committed on the backs of the people during all these years.

In the face of the maritime and land mortality policy of the state - which is euphemistically called the Republic of Cyprus since it has become neither a Cypriot nor a democracy - we would stand firmly and strongly against it.

We have not said our last word…

Solidarity will win!

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