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Press Release - 25/4/2021 (Online Article)

Historical Note

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This online article was published on 25/04/21 by the co-ordination group Os Dame (That's enough), on facebook.


Press Release - 25/4/2021

Yesterday's mobilisation marked a historic day for the bi-communal struggle and the effort to prevent the final partition that Cyprus has been facing in recent years. Thousands of people on both sides of Nicosia shouted for a reunited Cyprus and promised to stand together, shoulder to shoulder, against fascism. Despite the fact that the two marches did not meet at the Paphos Gate as originally planned, the message passed loudly from one end of the city to the other, that peace in Cyprus can not be hindered. And it will not be hindered if the people on both sides of the green line continue to strongly resist the divisive policies and the war chants, until the solution of the Cyprus problem is achieved with a bi-zonal, bi-communal Federation with political equality.

We do not have any illusions about the outcome of the five-party conference in Geneva. We know that corrupt and divisive leaders want the status quo to continue in order to advance their own economic and political interests. But we have no choice but to continue to unite our streets and voices for reunification, for anti-fascism and anti-militarism, for social and environmental justice. Until we manage to tear down the wall and remove all the barbed wire.

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