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Steki Areos 11 (Space)

Steki Areos 11
Area: Nicosia (south)
Active Period: 2014
Political Position: Libertarian Ideas
Website: Facebook Page
Archived Website: Partial Capture of the Facebook Page (About)

Steki Areos 11 (Στέκι Αρέως 11) was a self-organized social space within the walls of Nicosia, active in 2014.

Space's Identity

We consist of a group of youth, which after many discussions and explorations located the everyday need of creativity and solidarity. For this reason we created the multi-purpose - steki [no direct translation] “Areos 11”, which is located on the ground floor of the apartment building of Areos 11 Street, in the old city.

For the fulfillment of our needs we organized within the space a collective library, a kitchen which works with open contributions, an arts workshop, a study space and a creative space.

We organize together, by taking collective decisions, activities which promote creativity, self-education, self-organization, solidarity, and the consternation of everyday inactivity. We maintain the space and our activities ourselves, without mediators, without the mediation of profit, and we stand against any form of hierarchy. We have no imperative or ideology directing out decisions and actions.

A necessary prerequisite for the effective functioning of the space is participation and assembling. For this reason we await you to be part of this space and all of the things it has to offer. The space is open for everyone throughout the whole day.1)


Other Material

Facebook Page (About) of Steki Areos 11, User Contributed Translation
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