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Entos ton Teihon (Band)

Entos ton Teihon
Area: Nicosia (south)
Active Period: 2005-20??
Political Position: Anarchism
Website: Link

Entos ton Teihon (lit. Within the Walls) was a Greek-singing DIY punk band in Nicosia, formed in 2005.

Band Identity

“Entos ton Teihon” were formed in Cyprus in 2005. They performed hardcore punk with politicized Greek lyrics. They were composed by Vocalist 1 for vocals, George K. on guitar and vocals, Mario 'Punkunin' on base and vocals and George P. on drums. They circulated their album in 2008 with 12 tracks and a magazine with translations of their lyrics, texts and articles in English. They participated in the '2-day for the self-organization of our sounds' of the historic squat “Villa Amalias” in January of 2007, that took place with the aim of financially supporting the “Matsoggou squat” at Volos. In Cyprus they organised a 2-day event on the d.i.y. music scene, at the self-managed space “Arsinois 5” in Nicosia, with the participation of “Xasma” from Greece.1)




Other Material

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