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Reunification 2011 (Website)

Reunification 2011
Area: Nicosia (south)
Active Period: 2009-2013
Political Position: Rapprochement
Archived Website: Link (
Archived Website: Link (Wordpress)

Reunification 2011 (previous name: Reunification 2010) was a blog of the rapprochement movement, active between 2009 and 2013. It was the most concentrated attempt for the creation of an online space for writing on issues surrounding the reunification of Cyprus, within the Greek-speaking blogosphere.

Website Identity

Welcome to the blog 'Reunification 2010'. The blog whose content creators' hope is to be constituted as a point of reference for all of those that support the attempts for the reunification of the country. We hope to become a website where people that care and are concerned for the future of our country will be able to discuss and to communicate with bloggers upon all of those dimensions that concern the road towards the solution as well as life after it. The common denominator that unites out activity, is our belief that the peaceful and creative future of Cyprus, is intrinsically connected with a fair and viable solution of the Cyprus problem. We believe then that such a solution is possible within 2010.

Alongside the rest of society, we support the attempts that are taken by the leaders of the two communicates for the location of a fair and viable solution to the Cyprus Dispute. We reject through argumentation the positions and the abstractions of the rejectionists. The development of healthy dialogue upon all aspects that concern the agreed resolution, the referenda and the future coexistence with our Turkish Cypriot compatriots is one of the main topics that will concern us on this blog.1)

Online Articles

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