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Kores Xapolytes, Feminist Collective (Group)

Feminist Collective Kores Xapolytes
Area: Nicosia (south)
Active period: 2021-Present
Political Position: Feminism
Facebook: Link
Previous Facebook (1): Link
Previous Facebook (2): Link

Historical Note

The Feminist Collective Kores Kores Xapolytes is a women's group in Nicosia, formed 2021. The first texts of the group were signed with the name 'Feminist Group Under Formation'.

Group Identity

We are Kores Xapolytes. A feminist group that met for the first time in the streets of Nicosia on March 7, 2021. We organized around the need for our voices to be heard, to communicate the silenced experiences and traumas we carry due to the patriarchal society of Cyprus. Thus began a fermentation aimed at the re-appropriation of our bodies, of speech and of public space.

We adapt around horizontal structures, and we try to dispel oppressive systems through the creation of a safer space. Every day we experience patriarchy, sexism, militarism and orthodox nationalism on our skin.

These issues reinforce our need for intersectional action, solidarity and resistance.

Girls, get loose! Free from the shackles of patriarchy.1)


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