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Nuclear Mutants (Band)

  • The active period of this band is not clearly defined
Nuclear Mutants
Area: Nicosia (south)
Active Period: 1990s
Political Position: Anarchism
Youtube Channel: Link

Nuclear Mutants were an a DIY punk band in Nicosia, active in the 1990s. It wrote lyrics and performed in English.

Band Identity

Nuclear Mutants [was] a punk rock band formed in the summer of 1996 by drummer Yiannis Kynigos, lead guitarist Kypros karaviotis, bassist Charis Kynigos and vocalist Eva. N.M songs are of social -political character with anti-establishment lyrics. In November of 1997, they entered to a local studio and they lay down their first demo ‘’WELCOME RO REALITY’’ by embraces a DIY self-produce recordings and distribute them through informal channels. Their demo is consisted of 6 songs, -Social Wall-Stop cap System-Rape-Nuclear Mutants-No Compromise-The Outcast-1)


Other Material

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