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Occupy Buffer Zone (Group)

Occupy Buffer Zone
Area: Nicosia, Buffer Zone between the Ledra/Lokmacı Checkpoints
Active Period: 2011-2012
Political Position: Anti-capitalism
Website: Website of Occupy Buffer Zone
Archived Website: Website of Occupy Buffer Zone in the Internet Archive

Occupy Buffer Zone (OBZ) is a protest movement that began on October 15, 2011 by Cypriots from both sides of the divide, in the Ledra/Lokmacı checkpoint, in Nicosia, Cyprus. Influenced by the global Occupy Movement, Occupy Buffer Zone aims to protest and publicize the problems of the global economic and political system, as well as to raise awareness of how “the Cyprus Problem is but one of the many symptoms of an unhealthy global system”. The movement emphasizes the connection between the development of the Cyprus problem and the economic and political interests associated with the international economic and political status quo.1)


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