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Leftist Intervention (Group)

Leftist Intervention
Area: Nicosia (south)
Active Period: 2013-2014
Political Position: Socialism, Bi-Communalism
Website: Link
Archived Website: Link
Facebook: Link

Leftist Intervention was a socialist group formed after the spliting of ERAS in 2013.

Group Identity

Leftist Intervention was formed in June of 2013, aiming to form the terms of a common line of independent militants of the Left. Our aim is a strong social movement, that will express politically the people of labour, the self-employed, the youth, artistic expression and scientific knowledge, and all those who experience exploitation and oppression. With out basic pillars of action being the environment and ecology, the city and public space movements, gender and anti-racist, anti-fascist struggle, we resist against a system that gives birth to crises, a system that is itself in crisis1)

Digital Articles

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