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Chrysallida (Space)

Area: Limassol
Active Period: 1985-1990
Political Position: Anarchism

Chrysallida was a self-managed social space in Limassol, active in the 1980s. It was home to the publishing collective of the magazine Traino stin Poli. The space was active for 4 and a half years and was located at 13 Christodoulou Sozou Street, in Limassol. It acted as a central reference point for the anarchist, anti-authoritarian, alternative Scene of Limassol during the 1980s.

Space Identity

Chrysallida was, in out opinion, the most alternative attempt that perhaps ever occurred, on the eros-island [ερώνησο]. It was first of all the collectivised mode of its operation, even if some were overburdened while others stopped at promises. It was, in our view, the absolute democracy in the making of every decision that concerned its operation, even its closure. Beyond these, of course, is also the fact, clearly the most important one, that Chrysallida was a political space with an intense political-alternative activity. Many were the things that happened in that space and many the things that started from there.

The initiative against social racism and the motorcycle march, the participation to the support of the conscious objector Gianni Parpa, the event against armament and the Defence tax, the present magazine that was always released in relation to Chrysallida, countless posters and leaflets, there was also the mobilization against the beating up of citizens by the riot police and recently the mobilization against the demolition of old housing as well as the RIALTO cinema. Lastly, it was the recent event against the Gulf war, the continuous war of the walls and the formulation of an alternative discourse and the expression of a holistic anti-nationalist view and possibility.1)


Magazine Train in the City, Issue 8, pages 14-15
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