Ποιοί Είμαστε | Who We Are (Leaflet)

Historical Note

This leaflet was published on the 5th of October 2012, by the Alliance Against the Memorandum, in Nicosia.


Who We Are

The “Alliance Against the Memorandum” was established in the People’s Assembly in Nicosia and Limassol and aims to unite in common actions against the upcoming memorial.

We understand that the measures proposed will irreparably affect our lives and lead many to misery. The experience of many other countries confirms this effortlessly.

We invite everyone to motivate with us or to self-organize in their own area – city – village. The social solidarity and resistance will be important in the difficult times ahead. Opposite us we also find all sorts of racist and fascist ideas for a supposedly “national” crisis which excludes other inhabitants of the island. The crisis we are going through is a systemic crisis and can not be solved simply by the disappearance of some social groups.

Alliance Against the Memorandum | Cyprus, 05 October 2012 | WWW.SYMMAXIAEM.WORDPRESS.COM

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