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The Worker (Newspaper)

The Worker
Publisher: Trotskyist Party of Cyprus
Active Period: 1947-1949
Issues: 95(?)

Historical Note

The Worker was a Trotskyist newspaper that circulated from 1947 to 1949. From November of 1948, it acted as the official newspaper of the Trotskyist Party of Cyprus

From Issue 1 until issue 60 its subtitled read 'Instrument of Internationalist Communist Struggle'. From issue 61 to 64 it read 'Instrument of the Communist-Internationalist Party of Cyprus (Section of the 4th International)' and between from issue 65 to 86 (or 87) it adopted the subtitle 'Instrument of the Trotskyist Party of Cyprus (Section of the 4th International)'. With issue 87 (or 88) the original subtitle was reinstated until the end of the newspaper's circulation.



Year 1

Year 2

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