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Intervention at Christmas Tree (Untitled) (Video)

Historical Note

This video was published on facebook from the initiative Os Dame (That's enough!) on December 12 2021.


This morning comrades (re)decorated the Christmas tree put by the far-right in Ledras, one day after they organised, together with racist locals, a demonstration against the presence of asylum seekers at Pournara. The police said that there were no reports regarding the asylum seekers, so there is no doubt of their intentions: they are a part of the wider war against migrants and refugees. The intensification of social racism by right and far-right moves in parallel with the hardening of the migration policy, the deportations, the pushbacks.

At Pournara 2600 people live in awful conditions, supposedly for health reasons. The barbed wires that keep them imprisoned, the barbed wires placed on the green line, the barbed wires in the heads and the hearts have a common starting point in the misanthropic, racist state politics in times of political, health and economic crisis. By turning Pournara from a temporary “reception” center into a camp for long term detention and the attempts to make new, closed camps for asylum seekers, we see that the state’s policy is close to the fantasies of the far right and the nationalists, those who demonstrated in Kokkinotrimithia yesterday.

State authoritarianism goes together with racism and partition. The state responds to social issues with decrees, with more and harsher policing, with barbed wires and neo-conservative propaganda. We, on our side, strengthen social and class struggles, and resist in practice racism and authoritarianism. We demand the closure of the detention camps, access to health without restrictions and decent living conditions for all! See you on 18/12 ✊

#ωςδαμε18_12 #enough18_12

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