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The Movement's Archive is an attempt to make the history of the Cypriot radical movement throughout the island available, as it is recorded through its publications, with an emphasis on past decades; but without ignoring recent publications.

We want the material to be accessible to everyone, through different useful digital forms, taking also into consideration the needs of people with depreciated eyesight.

It is important for the archive to last through time, avoiding the physical depreciation of the printed material, but also the use of short-lived non-free digital forms of archiving, that may not be readable by future software. In parallel, the creation of copies of the archive by any individual will be made as easy as possible, in order to target the “single flaw” that could damage the archive irreversibly.

This attempt could be nothing less than a collective one. We welcome any help that you could provide, and we hope that soon we will organize practical digitizing workshops, but also an assembly which would occupy itself with the policy of managing the Archive.

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