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Big Expansion of the Archive: Magazines, Punk, New Groups, Updates

The Archive has been significantly expanded in the last few months, expanding in type of content as well as chronologically. This material concerns primarily the Greek version of the site. The key developments are outlined below:

  • The archiving of the 1980s magazine Within the Walls (Εντός των Τειχών) has been completed. All issues are now online and can be accessed from its page. The magazine played a key role in the expression of Cyprocentric political positions in the 1980s, as well as a medium through which artistic and theoretical concerns could be expressed on a diverse range of issues. It often hosted articles on Cypriot history, the sociology of Cyprus, the analysis of political developments and the environmental movement.
  • The archive is proud to present the magazine Mavres Pinelies (Μαύρες Πινελιές). This rare publication was printed in Lyon in 1982 and ran for only 1 issue. As of today, it remains the oldest anarchist publication to have been located.

  • We have now expanded into archiving DIY punk and have included the albums of both the band Within the Walls (Εντός των Τειχών) and Nuclear Mutants in the archive, as well as the former’s single-issue bi-lingual magazine publication. Both bands can claim historical significance for the DIY and Cypriot punk scene. They are also included in th English archive.
  • The Black Pen (Μαύρη Πένα) brochures, published autonomously in Limassol as a medium for open poetic expression, have all been archived and are on the archive.
  • The manifesto of Drasy-Eylem, the first and only bi-communal political association to have ever entered elections has now been archived. We currently seek to find the document in Turkish and English (if it existed). Sadly, their website has been down for a number of years. In similar fashion, we have also archived the manifesto of the online group Stasis (στάσις), which is now available on the archive.

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