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No backing down! (Online Article)

Historical Note

  • This article is bi-lingual (Greek, English).
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This online article was published in February of 2021 by antifa λευkoşa, after the repression of the first march 'Os Dame' (That's Enough) by the police.


No backing down!

February 17, 2021

Everything we experienced at the demonstration on 13/2 has been carved in our collective memory. Moments of a never before seen, for Cyprus, state brutality and police violence against a demonstration. Moments of hard proof that we are on a slope of capitalist barbarism. But at the same time they will stay with us as moments where hundreds of us collectively held the street, with the courage that it takes to face an army of cops. Moments where our solidarity and determination could not be terrorised by any rabid cop, by any baton landing on our heads, by any use of pepper spray and water cannon.

On Saturday 20/2 we demonstrate again:

  • Against state authoritarianism in the handling of the pandemic and the crisis.
  • Against the attack of capital on the multinational working class due to covid-19.
  • Against isolation and the destruction of social relationships.

We demonstrate for our siblings fighting inside migrant detention camps.

We demonstrate for the collective defence of our lives and bodies.

We demonstrate for health, freedom, solidarity and resistance.

Fear is changing sides. The storm is coming.

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