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antifa λευkoşa (Group)

antifa λευkoşa
Area: Nicosia (south)
Active Period: 2014-Present
Political Position: Anti-fascism, Libertarian Ideas
Website: Link
Archived Website: Link

antifa λευkoşa (previously known as antifa nicosia) is an anti-fascist group in Nicosia, which exists since 2014.

Group Identity

antifa λευkoşa is a self-organized autonomous collective based in the divided city of Λευκωσία/Lefkoşa. The collective began in December of 2014 following the hunger strikes of Iranian detainees in the migrant detention centre of Menoyia. The group’s concerns have centered primarily on anti-fascism and issues regarding the politics of migration in Cyprus and Europe and we have mobilised around them through actions such as demonstrations at the detention centre of Mennoyia, a demonstration and microphone intervention in Nicosia and common events with migrant groups. Gentrification, labor and gender issues and ecology are also topics that the collective is interested in.

The collective functions on a consensus basis, rejecting any kind of socially constructed hierarchies, and aims to contribute to the social and class struggles, while emphasizing on migrant struggles as of primary importance. The fight against nationalisms on the island is regarded as central in order to confront ethnic conflict on the basis of class unity.1)




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