against the onslaught of (greek)cypriot fascism (Leaflet)

Historical Note

This leaflet was published by antifa λευkoşa in March of 2020.


against the onslaught of (greek)cypriot fascism

Military presence in the streets. Against a demonstration. Military forces taking a repressive role along with the police. The national guard, the official legalisation and legitimisation of the armed fascists of the 20th century before the peace offering to the 1974 coup plotters, in the streets, against a demonstration. The national guard, a supposedly “defensive” military force, wages a daily, aggressive war against our life and our conscience. And the special forces army reservists declaring that they are ready to take on an active role in the suppression of ‘’anarchy and disorder’’. In the streets. Against demonstrators.

The function of the army therefore is not solely to ‘’protect us from the Turks’’, nor to stop migrants that dare to cross the heavily patrolled border. The army is here to also suppress the ‘’enemy’’ within its borders: those who dare to question the omnipotence of nationalism and its ventures. On their side they have the media, conducting a coordinated effort to make up the most ridiculous demonising stories and always ready to comply with state orders. A demonstrator is arrested, initially on the grounds of pushing a soldier that was standing opposite him at the checkpoint, and then when it was proven that this does not stand legally in court, he is then accused of “illegal assembly” and ‘’disturbance of peace’’. This signifies an illegalisation of collective political existence in public space. In other words: the state, the army, the police and the media are coordinating in this state of emergency that is swiftly moving towards a new fascistic reality.

As the state shows its teeth, using the coronavirus as a ridiculous excuse, as the media organize social cohesion, as the fascists act enraged for half a slap and a shove, and as western societies wage war against migrants, we seek to untangle the thread of struggles against borders, armies, old and new fascisms. And if we dare to unravel this thread, nothing will save them. Not the fascist-hooligans, not the reservists, nor the state’s army/police patrols that are rooted in its militarised, fascist fantasies.

We stand, determined and combative, against the onslaught of fascism. A new fascism that is prepared to close the borders, to deport and to incarcerate migrants and those that dare to demonstrate. We stand resolutely. With our feet firmly on the ground.

antifa λευkoşa 03/20

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