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AtyPOs (Group)

Area: Nicosia (south)
Active Period: Mid-2000s
Political Position: Libertarian Ideas
Archived Website: Link

AtyPOs (ΆτυΠΟς) was an alternative information group in Nicosia, active in the mid-2000s. It evolved into the counter-information group Falies.

We are an alternative information and critique group which perceives social phenomena through their dynamic potentiality and not statically. Consequently, we consider the continuous research and analysis of our post-modern social reality as a necessary precondition to realize any effective political intervention. Our target is the abolition of the dominant logic and practice of competition and exploitation and the creation of a society based on cooperation, equality and solidarity. We recognize that in the battle of ideas between the dominant liberal and those of the radical forces in the formation of their own global reality, the role of information is decisive.

Thus, we focus our political action in this field. We concentrate on the dissemination of information concerning international and local issues which are ignored or distorted by the establishment media, and we attempt to view the issues through the framework of social contradictions. In this way, we try to articulate a radical-alternative discourse. We function on the basis of self-organization and reject any kind of hierarchy and division in the method as well as the content of our actions. We aim toward the implementation of network relations with individuals and organized groups for particular actions and issues, including general cooperation, dialogue and exchange of ideas. 1)



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