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Falies, Libertarian Network In The City (Group)

Historical Note

Falies, Libertarian Network In The City
Area: Nicosia (south)
Active Period: 2005-2013
Political Position: Counter-information, Libertarian Ideas
Website: Falies' Website Older Falies' Website
Archived Website: Falies' Website Older Falies' Website

Falies was a libertarian political group that began in 2005 through the electronic magazine of the counter-information group Atypos. Falies had a strong presence online, with its blog acting as the core of alternative information of the extra-parliamentary scene. The group's assemblies were housed in the alternative library Agrammata, which functioned in parallel as a space for the activities of the group (talks, presentations and film screenings).

Group Identity

Regarding Falies

Falies began in 2005 as the electronic magazine of the counter-information group Atypos with the view that such a magazine, beyond news reporting, could constitute the foundation for the development of a dialogue between different people and groups, something that in Cyprus was back then practically almost non-existent. After 3 years of processes and with the neighbouring insurrection pushing towards our own space the processes of political and social determination indicate again, in a more mature form, the same need: of the coming together of different starting points of thought, currents and practices. Perhaps in this way the position of the alternative-libertarian thought will be become visible anew, which radical ideas exist and which ones may be the new forms of political activity within these new developments.

We know that the established social structures are based on concepts with an established social content. We want to overthrow this content. We want to break into the existing frameworks of thought and to expropriate the words from their neoliberal meaning – to comprehend freedom as something beyond the market, labor as something beyond working, value as something beyond quantity, sexuality as something beyond advertisement, safety as something beyond policing, society as something beyond the nation. We want to open up topics that authority keeps closed because they give power to social coherence/complicity.

We want to open Falies! [Greek Cypriot dialect word, metaphorically meaning to cause trouble] 1)



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