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Anarchist Union (Group)

Anarchist Union
Area: Nicosia (south)
Active Period: 2010-2011
Political Position: Anarchism
Website: Link

The Anarchist Union (Ένωση Αναρχικών) was an anarchist group in Nicosia, active in the period 2010-2011.

Group Identity

The formation of the Anarchist Union originates from the need for direct action in the socio-political and economic issues of modern civilization, with the aim of promoting anarchist ideas and practices.

The Anarchist Union is an organisation composed with a social/interventionist character. For us, composition means unity among our comrades, and multi-plurality and co-operation within a framework of basic principles founded upon social anarchism. Through its social character, the group aims to transfer to a broad social sphere key elements of anarchist thought, such as class resistance and direct action, internationalism, freedom of the individual and the self-organisation of the social totality, direct democracy, equality, mutual assistance etc.

Through out steady presence and intervention in contemporary events, we aim to build resistance and solidarity networks within society, in order to overthrow capitalist operations and the plans of the rulers. We support and promote any form of direct action antagonistic to the system, helping and involving people in the struggle against the state and capital. Our networking within social spheres and groups constitutes a fundamental foundation for our aims and activity, as it is only through this that the destruction of the present can be destroyed, and the proposition for a new society ascent. We aim for the creation of revolutionary conditions and situations within working spaces, public spaces, schools, universities and generally within the whole of society.1)




General Principles of the Anarchist Union, Anarchist Union Blog
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