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No Tolerance to Nationalists - Neo-Nazis (Leaflet)

Historical Note

This leaflet was published in August 2010 by the Anarchist Union in Nicosia.



On July 20th at 8 o'clock in the evening, following an anti-occupational march, 15 individuals/members of ELAM attacked a Nigerian student using bludgeons and crow-bars because they didn't like the color of his skin. After being chased, the unfortunate young man was struck by a moving vehicle and his persecutors beat him up and smashed the car which had hit him.

This was not the first similar incident as in the past few years an elation of neo-fascist elements has been observed and consequently this resulted to beatings, bullying and psychological and verbal abuse against people which do not meet their sick standards, i.e. immigrants, activists, students, homosexuals etc.

Other similar incidents prove that the problem is not isolated: November '06: 20 individuals attack 12 year old Turkish Cypriot students at the English School December '08: Fascist pogrom against shops owned by immigrants in the old Nicosia area. December '08: 40 individuals attack a young African girl during a school volleyball match. January '09: Attack and vandalisms upon the “Fanari tou Diogenh” social centre July '09: Following an anti-occupational demonstration 3 individuals were beat up by 15 bludgeon bearing individuals 10th October '09: individuals that were seated in the courtyard of the Phaneromeni church, were attacked by individuals who were calling out: “This is our church”. Thugs damaged Turkish Cypriot cars countless times following APOEL matches. 13th December '09: 2 individuals were assaulted by a group of people using clubs and sprays in the Phaneromeni area

These teams, Nazi attachés, believe in racial purity (the known Aryan Race) and its superiority over other people. They believe in militarism-militarization of society. In Cyprus' case, the ideological model of fascism is partly constituted by the political prehistory of the country (Grivas, Team X2, EOKA B and the British political influence) in combination with European neo-fascism and “Fortress Europe” (racist migratory policy of EU).

They consider immigrants responsible for the unemployment and the economic crisis. In this way they throw sand in the eyes of the people, making them believe that immigrants are accountable for the financial and social issues we are faced with. In combination to the existing racism (in each operation of the state mechanism, “divide and conquer”) their political existence is justified and they accomplish to infiltrate into the social web, corroding it and causing social intensity. The State and the system are benefiting from this situation, as their responsibilities for the Social-Economic crisis are being covered.

The proposal for the confrontation of this situation is to strike the issue at it's core so that these elements do not have the political enforcement in order to act. So, in order for the isolation of these elements to be achieved, the existing racism must be tackled at the same time since the State and the system by their very nature cause the conflict within the society. This is a matter of the entire society and only of that.



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