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  • The active period of this group is not clear.

Workers' Democracy (Group)

Workers' Democracy
Area: Nicosia (south)
Active Period: 1970s-Present
Political Position: Socialism, Trotskyism
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Archived Website: Link
Older Archived Website: Link

Workers' Democracy is a socialist group formed during the 1970s. It has followed the position of revolutionary defeatism, in the context of Cyprus.

Group Identity

The experience of Russia proves that even a successful workers' socialist revolution, like that of October of 1917, cannot survive in isolation. The regimes of the USSR after the dominance of Stalinism, of China and of the other eastern countries, are regimes of state capitalism, where the exploitation and oppression of the working class is no different than the West. For this reason, we support the workers' insurrections against the bureaucratic ruling class of those countries. We support all national liberation movements that resist imperialist oppression. The force that will ultimately crush imperialism is the unity of the working class on an international scale, from New York to Seoul and from London to Sao Paulo. We oppose any form of chauvinism, racism, or sexist discrimination that threatens to divide workers. In the face of the anti-Turkish warfare of “our” ruling class, we support the slogan “Greek and Turkish workers united”. We oppose the oppression of the Turkish Cypriots, the economic, political and cultural exclusion imposed on them by our own ruling class, and we support their right to self-determination. 1)




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