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Those who Killed Doros also Killed Others (Leaflet)

Historical Note

This leaflet was published by Workers' Democracy, in August of 1979.

With the occasion of the anniversary of the murder of Doros Loizos, it focuses on the lack of cleansing of the Republic of Cyprus from EOKA B members and coup plotters, exposing the dominant position in relation to the murders and crimes committed against Turkish Cypriots between 1963-1974, as hypocritical.



Doros Loizou was killed by fascists. These fascists, as well as others, remain unpunished to this day.

Who has an interest in killing militants like Doros Loizou?

They were the ones who carried out the coup, who gave the excuse for the Turkish invasion, through their SLAUTERING AND OPPRESSION OF TURKISH CYPRIOTS.

And they weren’t only those who were known to be fascists or EOKA B members, who oppressed them. -Who, for example, made sure that Turkish Cypriots would not be able to develop economically? (They had only 0.3% of exports while Greek Cypriot businessmen had the remaining 99.7%.)

-What did the changes in the constitution proposed by Makarios in ‘63 mean, with the removal of the veto and the separate majorities in Parliament by the Turkish Cypriots?

-Who had something to benefit by the enclosure of Turkish Cypriots in enclaves, and their subsequent exhaustion?

-Was it only in ’74 that there were dead, destruction and refugees?

-Who slaughtered Turkish Cypriots en masse in Kofinou and Tochni? What “heroic feats” were committed in Omorfita?

-Who gave them the green light for these slaughters? Who left them unpunished and undisturbed afterwards?


They were not Americans, nor were they CIA or other “dark” imperialist powers. They were our compatriots, “significant members” of Greek Cypriot society. They were in the state apparatus or they influenced it before ‘74 and they continue to do so today. They are criminals and oppressors. They are the biggest hypocrites and liars.

They are hypocrites because now that they have lost the game to some other murderers, they come and say that they want the unity of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. They come hypocritically and say that Greeks and Turks can live together, now, under THIS STATE that is full of their butchers.


But if we see in EOKA-B members and coup plotters only “dividers of the internal front”, that is, of the unity of Greek Cypriots, we will be betraying Doros, as well as the dead Greek and Turkish Cypriots; the dead Turks and Greeks of the clashes of 63-64 up until the war, all the refugees from ‘63 onwards, Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

Because by doing so we will be forgetting the most important point, that they, as well as all others who oppressed and slaughtered the Turkish Cypriots are responsible for the division of Cypriot workers, and thus for all these destructions.

-If we want JUSTICE for all those deaths and misery, we, the Greek Cypriot workers, must fight for cleansing FROM THEM.

-If we really want our COOPERATION with Turkish Cypriot workers, we must show that we are fighting for the punishment of those who were oppressing them and slaughtering them all those years.

-If we want to win the TRUST of Turkish Cypriot workers, we must stop desiring cleansing for the creation of “national unity”.

Do we, the Greek Cypriot workers, have any reason to be hypocritical? We know that those who killed Doros also slaughtered the Turkish Cypriots. We know that they remain unpunished.

For which “national unity” are they talking about? For unity with those who have an interest in dividing workers in “theirs” and “foreigners”? For the unity of Greek Cypriot workers with our exploiters and the oppressors of Turkish Cypriot workers?

Turkish Cypriot workers are trying to struggle against their “own” culprits.

For the unity of the workers of all of Cyprus, we, the Greek Cypriot workers, must struggle for the cleansing from fascists, the coup plotters, AND THE MURDERERS OF TURKISH CYPRIOTS.

We know who they are. Let us denounce them and demand their punishment.



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