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Resistance Against the Plans of the Dominators (Leaflet)

Historical Note

This leaflet was published in 2003 by the Cypriot Anarchist Kernel in Nicosia.



Note: The present passage was written on 11-16 December 2002 (period of the Cyprus entry into the European Union) by anarchist prisoner Giorgos Garakasian in the jails of free Cypriot democracy.

Through the general secretary of United Criminals Kofi Annan the Americans and British have been attempting for some time now to impose a ‘fair and viable solution’ upon the inhabitants of Cyprus.

The period that we are living in is characterized by the reorganization of global dominion, which has completed its first phase of ‘anti-terrorist’ hysteria with the devastating intervention in Afghanistan, the prisoners of war in Guantanamo as well as the intensification of submission in the abyss of social stratification.

In the next phase we await further developments of dominion in light of the war against Iraq. This is also justifies the last extension of the Nato alliance during the EU Summit in Prague (20-22 /11/ 02) with the addition of new allies (Estonia, Lithuania, Letonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria). The words of infamous murderer Bush and his clan are verified once again (you’re either with us or you are with the terrorists) as well as the intentions of the powers that be to gain the complicity of more States in their military raids of global dominion, preserving a point of contact between the USA, Europe and Russia where they will arm themselves and effect exchanges in the arms industry and ‘new technologies’.

In this time frame there is a growing need for accession into the European empire of two competing countries, Cyprus and Turkey who are hoping to benefit from negotiations in the Copenhagen summit (12-13/12/02). In the eventuality of accession of the two states to the European Union the long-term plans of the U.S.A. and the multinational powers concerning the favorable control of the Eastern Mediterranean will be fulfilled. In this way the geographical piece of the puzzle that includes the area from the Caspian oil wells to the Suez canal will fall into place. This does not of course mean the accession of the ongoing partition of Cyprus which has been a headache to most regimes for the past 28 years.

In this effort to enforce a ‘Fair Solution’, the original ‘Annan Plan’ that has been given is being revised since the rulers of both States have brought objections concerning regional ‘demands’. Both the revision of the plan and the imposed time limit for the ‘solution’ (28/3/2003) are considered final.

The question that stands is whether the will and the way exists for the people to overthrow the continuing deprivation of free movement and settlement, communication and symbiosis that have been formulated by the authoritarian relations at their expense.

‘Greek-’ and ‘Turkish-Cypriot’ Relations

The most recent bi-communal activities (epanaproseggisi, Social Forum for Peace 1/9/2002) have shown that a substantial percentage desire the reunification of the island and the symbiosis of all its inhabitants. Even though rapprochement activities are organised and supervised by the United Nations they are, for the time being, a meeting and communication ground between ‘Greek-’ and ‘Turkish-Cypriots’. However we must beware not to be fooled by these activities, organised through the dominant propaganda and carried out to highlight the ‘leading’ role of the U.N., behind which is concealed the rotten ‘peace’ of authority, the aim being the consensus of the Cypriot society. It would be desirable to contribute to an effort to promote self-organised meetings between ‘Greek-’ and ‘Turkish-Cypriots’, both in the present and in the future, without mediators and party-dogs who, in feigning monopolize ‘peace’ to their own advantage. For example, e-mail and/or telecommunication could be used to organize at a favorable spot frequent meetings of people who are against the partition and the imposing of a new world order.

Sadly we would like to point out the fact that the overwhelming majority of people who attend these activities are ‘Turkish-Cypriots’. It appears that the living conditions of each person directly influence their way of thought. Examining the situation which prevails in the northern part of the island, we see that the ‘Turkish-Cypriot State’ intensifies oppression and misery, intimidating the ‘Turkish-Cypriot’ minority. The fact that nationalistic-neo-fascist elements (TMT B’, VOLKAN, K.G.), which in the past took a decisive part in the separation of and the spreading of hate among people (e.g. executions of ‘Turkish-Cypriot’ workers), are regrouped is not coincidental.

We come to the conclusion that Statist-totalitarianism is solely responsible for the great massacres of the past few years.

The ‘Annan Plan’ and reactions in favor of it.

The ‘Greek-Cypriot’ side

The immediate reaction of the Greek Cypriot leadership is considered to be the most reactionary of the past decade. On the basis of the history of the Greek Cypriot right who have always held highly nationalist positions, is now being presented as the most compromising, for this surely serves the interests of its pimps. The ‘right’ accepts the pioneers of the plan(from Clerides to Yasilion). They will also ensure the immense economic interests of merchants and industrialists which are administered by the nouveau riche and those who look forward to the legal rule of the new ‘federal State’.

In the ‘opposing’ front those who rejected the ‘Annan plan’ were the church and the Greek nationalist party dogs ( (New Horizons, EOKA Fighter Associations, petty parties, nationalist university organizations, Gerasimos Arsenis and CIA). They spoke of ‘treason, selling out and the final partition… we will become a protectorate of Turkey…’

As to whether we will become a ‘protectorate of Turkey’ as they claim, we remind them that within ‘Cyprus territory’ there are 7 different armies (Greek, Cypriot, UN, Nato, Turkey, British and Turkish Cypriot). Are we not already a protectorate of global imperialism?

The ‘Turkish Cypriot’ side

The angry and persecuted Turkish Cypriots, seeing the Anker policy and the fascist … as their only way out rushed into a mass demonstration ‘for the plan for a solution and peace’ of the Cypriot problem. The media called it the biggest demo (20,000) a fact that Denktash rushed to discredit, actually declaring that this does not represent the majority of the Turkish Cypriot.

The Turkish Cypriot yuppies who undoubtedly will benefit from the ‘solution’ by increasing their capital are obviously also in favor of the solution.

A few days later the Denktash regime with dozens of Nationalist-Fascist organisations, is attempting to ???? the ‘positive’ atmosphere of acceptance of the plan, inviting a counter- demonstration, with the main slogan being ‘Yes to peace, no to the Annan plan’.

In a speech by the authoritarian abomination he defends the partition position, highlighting the need for recognition of his ‘super-State’ (joint-rule on condition) – let it be noted that on the 13/12/2002 the day of the Cyprus accession into the EU, Turkish Cypriots had a demonstration, with slogans on placards such as ‘We are not Turks We are not Greeks We are Cypriots’

Recently the timeless anarchist slogan has appeared on the walls of the cities: ‘Down with nations and armies, our country is the whole earth.’

Who? Today’s … rulers, who without the consent of the people (which is always the way) signed the Zurich-London agreements, positioning Turkey, Britain and Greece as guaranteeing powers on the island.

Who? Those who derided the people in ‘Makariakus’ ‘Gririkous’ and other euphemisms, who aided in the anti-communist campaign which killed more ‘fellow countrymen’ than ‘enemies’!

Who? Those who are asking for human rights whilst marching shouting ‘Good Turk = dead Turk’ in an effort to flair racist hatred between the two communities.

The anarchist- anti-authoritarian position.

The ongoing tragedy that the inhabitants of Cyprus are subjected to is due solely to competing power relations and disputes about the continual security of the economic, political and strategic interests of the dominant on the island and the surrounding area.

As anarchists and anti-authoritarians we propose an anti-State, anti-collaborationist struggle, which we promote on a daily basis both within and without the partition borders of States and capitalism.

Our comrade is every oppressed person, our enemy the dictatorship of global rule that is enforced with the exhausting exploitation and oppression of ‘man’ against man.

The only solution for which we are fighting is the fulfillment of a local-bicommunal and global revolution. To put the tyrants of of humanity where they belong, in dusty history books.

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