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Cypriot Anarchist Kernel (Group)

  • The activity period of this group is not clearly defined.
Cypriot Anarchist Kernel
Area: Nicosia (south)
Active Period: Early 2000s
Political Position: Anarchism
Website (OoCities Archive): Link
Archived Website: Link
Archiving Website: Blog with Archived Material

The Cypriot Anarchist Kernel was an anarchist group in Nicosia, active in the early 2000s.

Group Identity

As anarchists and people in struggle, that live in the geographical area called Cyprus; and searching for ways of distributing anarchist ideas and practices, we created this website. Taking as a given the continuous distortion and silencing of events by the establishment mass media, the digital sphere can easily be turned into a medium for counter-information and contact with anyone that would like to practically challenge and act against all those who are responsible for the transformation of this world into a vast hell of injustice and exploitation. The aim of this website is not merely to “convince” some people for the rightfulness of the anarchist – anti-authoritarian ideas and practices. The true aim and anticipation of all those that want to change today’s reality is first of all the elevation of true forms of struggle where the ideals of solidarity, of comradeship within an anti-hierarchical self-organization, become right here and now, reality. The Cypriot wretchedness within which we live today makes the need for the meeting of people that have not yet been alienated from the imposed authoritarian roles that are so openly provided even more urgent, as well as the expression of a radical discourse and action against every form of power, every state and every mechanism reproducing exploitation and the causes of human suffering. Let us take our lives in our hands and let us place against the pigs of the state and against every authoritarianist that which they are afraid most of: THE HUMAN PASSION FOR FREEDOM AND LIFE.1)


Leaflets Signed as exegersis2002

A series of leaflets are signed only with the e-mail of the group. Due to the possibility that the group had disbanded and the use of the e-mail to simply had continued, these leaflets have been archived separately.

Other Material

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