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Expanding our Project: Archiving of Websites

The Movements Archive has now expanded its project, including now websites and digital entries as part of its archiving efforts. Over the years we have come to the conclusion that often, digital entries are lost more easily than printed material, due to broken links, sites going offline and hosting sites, like geocities, closing down. We have of course used the Wayback Machine of the Internet Archive, both for archiving the websites of various groups, as well as locating and retrieving websites that have gone offline. Our expansion now however shifts our efforts towards preserving, at least partially, important online articles on our website, while also including websites as part of our archiving process.

As part of this process we have already created pages for the websites Platforma News, 3533, Island Anarchy and Kontrasusta on the Greek version of the site, while Reunification 2011 is available to both the Greek and English version. Articles have been added to Kontrasusta, Reunification 2011 and Diogenis’ Lantern/Φανάρι του Διογένη.

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