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5 English Texts from the Archive

In our attempt to make the archive more accessible, we present here 5 key texts of the broader Cypriot radical political scene that are available in English on the archive. Part of the archiving project is making previously unavailable texts; available to new audiences. Many of the following texts have thus been translated through the initiate of various individuals, whose work has been fundamental in allowing us to share these key texts for the first time, in English. A bonus text has also been added at the end of the list.

'Ecology and the Semblance of an Illusion' (1985)

This ecological text circulated in the Chrysallida social space in Limassol, in relation to developments surrounding Akamas. It consisted of 9.5 pages and included extensive excerpts from various works by Max Horkheimer, Karl Marx, Peter Kropotkin, Murray Bookchin, Ivan Illich, et al. It is one of the few ecological theoretical texts of the Cypriot anti-authoritarian scene.

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‘cypriot consciousness’ (1988)

Published originally in the 35th issue of the Nicosian magazine ‘Within the Walls’, this text by Costis Ahniotis has remained a classic exposition of the Cyprocentric position associated with the extra-parliamentary left.

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‘The Cyprus Problem and the Internationalist Tasks of the Greek Cypriot Working Class’ (1988)

This book was published by the leftist group Workers’ Democracy. It is perhaps the most extensive Marxist analysis of the Cyprus Problem, founded upon the theoretical framework of revolutionary deafeatism. While the book still remains untranslated as a whole, a recent partial translation of key parts has emerged in 2019.


‘5 positions on the reunification process or For the right to live in Cyprus without the Cyprus problem’ (2010)

This text presents the analysis and position of the libertarian group Falies surrounding the Cyprus Problem and the approach that should be taken by the extra-parliamentary left.

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‘Cheap Bodies/Foreign Bodies: The Government Strategy on Immigration’ (2016)

This brochure was published by the group antifa λευkoşa, and analyses the immigration policy of the Republic of Cyprus during the recent years, emphasizing the effect on refugees and the process of illegalization of migrants and refugees.


  • Bonus Text:

‘Federation or Death’ (1993)

This text was published in the 10th issue of the anarchist magazine ‘Traino stin Poli’, in Limassol. Published on the pretext of elections contra the then possibility of the resolution of the Cyprus Problem through the Ghali set of Ideas, it offered a direct justification for supporting a bi-communal federation.

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